Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Zviij F. Smith "Psithurism" [The Windmill Syndrome, volume I] (Album/Digital)

Zviij F. Smith "Psithurism" [The Windmill Syndrome, volume I] (Album/Digital)

Conceived as an incomplete sound-diary, The Windmill Syndrome is a series of solo works for electric guitar and electronics, by sound artist and multi-instrumentalist/composer Zviij (Franck Smith). This first volume titled "Psithurism" (adaptation from Ancient Greek meaning "The sound of the wind whispering in the trees" or "The sound of rustling leaves") is a 21-part nocturnal piece between subtle electro-acoustic chamber music and imaginary ballet soundtrack.
Etymology: Ancient Greek ψιθύρισµα (psithurisma) or ψιθυρισµός (psithurismos), from ψιθυρίζω (psithurizō, “I whisper”), from ψίθυρος (psithuros, “whispering”, “slanderous”).

Composed & performed by Zviij / Franck Smith
(electric guitar, electronics)
Recorded & mixed in February 2016 (Brussels)
Mastering by C-drík at Syrphe (Berlin)
Cover photo by Elvire Smith-Bastendorff
Inside photo by Laurent D'Havé
Download content: 21 tracks, 2 photos, 1 text file
A Zviij by Smith production

— If possible, listen on decent loudspeakers in a quiet environment —

All rights reserved for all countries
© Zviij / Franck Smith 2016

* Available only in digital format on Bandcamp.


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